Whether its movies, games tv series or any other entertaining content that you want free of cost with a short span of time then torrent is the most convenient way to get this task done. There are many torrent sites available on the web but finding the right one is not an easy task. After a lot of research and experience io have shortlisted 5 best torrent sites from where you can safely download your favorite torrent with outstanding speed.


iDope is a torrent site or you can say torrent search engine that offers tackle magnet links to torrents. Besides having a supreme database of zenith of 18 million inks torrents, it features a tidy UI and has a mobile balance that makes torrenting regarding smartphones easy.

The Pirate Bay

This torrent site is timeless, and one of the most dexterously liked on the subject of the web. TPB has considered one incarnation or new for a long accumulate late accretion, and the torrents here are and have always been trusted.

Icons going for the order of each download to arrive occurring users quickly feel if a seeder is trusted or a VIP which helps ensure safe downloads for extra protection I recommend to use a VPN service.


YourBittorrent has a somewhat controversial record. While founded in 2009, it is the plan of fact began operation in its indigenous form in 2003 as a collaboration together in the middle of two buddies the product of which was myBittorrent; one of the intimates eventually wanted the website to shut down even if the additional member in crime wanted it to be enlarged. This pointed to a crack, the product of which is YourBittorrent.


Watchsomuch is a new name of seven torrents. Seven torrent was a famous torrent site that offered its torrent services for 10 years. But due to many copyright issues, this torrent site took retirement. But watchsomuch is the excellent site for seven torrent users although there are many alternatives of seven torrent but watchsomuch makes its separate place in the eyes of torrenters.


You won’t find any torrent you’re after here, but users proclaiming the feel of the torrents you evolve to find is consistently pleasing. This site, when others, can go by sometimes; a little bit of patience, will probably see it happening again.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope this list of best torrent sites will help you in downloading your favorite torrent safely. The winner of this list is, None other than The pirate bay. I have found the most fastest torrent site in the above list. It offers millions of safe torrents. For more tech-related articles, stay connected with this blog.